Pokémon Go’s New Beta Tracking System Is Finally Here!

Niantic has finally rolled out the tracking system they’ve been beta testing in San Francisco since summer. The new system shows Pokémon in relation to nearby PokeStops. Simply open the tracker panel, select one of the Pokémon listed, and a pink icon will appear on your map with the range of distance from a nearby PokeStop.

Pokémon Go update show Pokémon on map

My husband and I were able to experience the beta version on our trip to San Francisco back in September. It’s been 3 months since, so we doubted they would actually roll it out!  Now we know that Niantic was likely prioritizing the successful Halloween and Thanksgiving events while working behind the curtain on the thing we REALLY wanted. Thankfully, it’s here in time for Christmas.

The system is far from perfect. If you’re not in range of PokeStops where you live, it’s a No Go. You just get the general grass icon. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere like myself, this is not as useful as the old step system, but hunting in the cities will be a LOT easier. I just wish we had as many PokeStops in Metro Detroit as San Francisco.

There also appear to be slight developments in the final tracking system since we saw it in September, such as the presence of the old footprint system on top of the Pokémon icons. Sources say Pokémon 3 steps can be up to 900 ft away from a PokeStop! The order of the Pokémon in the tracker window now reflects proximity to the player, with the top left being the closest.

If you were boycotting the game until they fixed the old tracker, you may want to wait out the inevitable bugs. Just don’t miss when they roll out the Christmas event and Gen 2!

Do you have Pokémon Go tips or tricks? Leave ’em all in the comments below!


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  1. Lauren Sanborn December 1, 2016 | Reply

    Now I’m just waiting for the Pokemon Go + to be in stock and I’ll be set!

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