Pug Cafe in Kyoto Is Every Dog Lover’s Dream

What if I told you happiness does have a price? At least, for dog lovers that’s true.

pug living room cafe


A little less than $12 USD gets you one hour in a little slice of heaven we discovered in a remote section of Kyoto, Japan. Your admission includes a bag of dog (& human) treats, one drink of your choice, and entry into the Dog Living Room Pug Cafe. With your bag of treats in hand, step over the dog gate and into the home of 12 roly-poly pugs. Be warned: these pugs may be small in stature, but they have an endless hunger!

Already thinking about her next meal…

If you’re not the sort of human who enjoys being covered in adorable doggos (honestly, what is wrong with you?), then DO NOT sit and stay. The pugs don’t care about your personal bubble–if you have treats, you will be scaled like Kyoto Tower.

We were surrounded. And we liked it.

The moment we found a spot on our couch, we were targeted by the mighty Gontarou. Before I knew it, this pushy 3-year old pug had squeezed himself between me and Mr. Dashing. Gontarou welcomed us in a series of ridiculous acrobatic maneuvers, spinning round our sofa and force-snuggling us with his soft coat. It was a pug cyclone that left us crying from laughter.

Pedigree Pugs

Included with your admission is a family tree of all 12 Living Room pugs. The dogs in the café are highlighted in Red as mascot dogs. As a testament to how much the staff cares for these canines, the tree included even deceased members of the pug family. Of course, it was already clear from our visit that every pug in this cafe is spoiled rotten.

This family tree is more detailed than anything I’ve ever made in class…

Subtle Ambiance

As if the pugs weren’t enough, there’s also the sheer amount of dog decorations in the Living Room. This café has atheistic! On every wall you’ll find the adorable likeness of the pug in one form or another. Even the bathroom is tastefully decorated. One wall even featured calendars with all the mascot pugs at the Living Room!

Pug gifts are also available for purchase at the reception desk, and for an extra 300 Yen you can get a photo memento with your favorite pugs.

Is that pug-scented cologne?

Pug Cafe Kyoto Japan Review

Team Pug 4 Life #PugLife

How to Visit:

I will definitely be returning to the Living Room in the future. My heart is breaking that nothing like this currently exists in the US!

Reservations are not necessary for regular admission at the Living Room! It’s important to note that the café isn’t always open–always check the calendar listed on the website before your visit so you aren’t disappointed. The staff speaks limited English, so you should have no problem if you’d like to call in advance to ask. You can also make reservations on the website.


Tips to Getting There:

Taxi – We’d recommend taking a cab if you can afford one. Be sure to have the address pulled up on your phone–our cab driver couldn’t find the place and had to call for directions.

Train – There is a train stop within walking distance, but it is a bit of a trek on foot after that. The Living Room is in a residential area around an apartment complex next to a small playground.

Biking – Be aware of the designated bike parking areas indicated on the official website.


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