Scott’s E3 2017 Predictions

We are less than 2 weeks out from the craziness that is E3! Here are some of my predictions as to what we will see from the Big 3 and third parties! Let me know down below what your predictions are! You can also join the discussion over on the Dashing Nerds discord! :


  • Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a new trailer shown off, with a release window at the end
  • Sly Cooper 5 will be announced
  • We will get a gameplay reveal for Insomniac’s Spider-man game with a release date
  • Knack 2 will be a release date
  • A brand new game from an old Sony franchise will make a surprise appearance!
  • First gameplay footage of Last of Us 2 will be shown
  • God of War release date given



  • New traditional Metroid game for Switch will be announced.  Metroid Prime or 2D Metroidvania style.  Not another spin-off title like Federation Forces
  • Switch exclusive Pokemon game announced. Will be a spinoff title and not the traditional Pokemon game that everyone wants.
  • No release date for Mario Odyssey, but will have mentioned a special Nintendo Direct later this fall for it.
  • Switch port for a Smash game with mention that a brand new Smash game for Switch is in development.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be delayed for western release to 2018



  • Price of Scorpio will be $600 or more.
  • Release date for Crackdown 3 will be the same as Scorpio’s release
  • There will be a surprise Japanese studio announcement of a Xbox One exclusive game.
  • Scalebound will be re-announced for Xbox but will be headed by a new studio.
  • Phil Spencer will be awesome and mention how he loves all games, wearing a sweet video game T-shirt under his blazer.
  • Cup head will be shown, will actually get a release date this year!



  • EA will have a random celeb talking about a game.  Cringe-worthy moments ensue.
  • They will spend more than 1/3 of their conference talking sports.
  • Square will have the new KH3 trailer and Sony, and additional information and a world announcement at the E3 Colloseum event with Jeff Kelley.
  • New Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer
  • Bethesda will announce a new Wolfenstein title
  • Bethesda will show off and give a release date for Doom and Fallout 4 VR
  • Ubisoft will have a brand new game that no one expected that Aisha Tyler gets lady-wood for.
  • Ni-No-Kuni 2 will get a release date



Written by: Scott White

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