Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal gets TV Broadcast in 2016

Yesterday Toei Animation announced on their Europe site that season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal will broadcast on Japanese television on TV Tokyo MX in 2016.

“Sailor Moon Crystal, the reboot of the Sailor Moon series from the 90’s, continues with a third season recently announced in Japan! While the 26 first episodes were aired online on Niko Niko, the new season will be broadcast on TV Tokyo MX in 2016.”      -Toei Animation

This is big news for the anime franchise, which aired its final episode of season 2 on Sept. 28th online. The first 26 episodes (Silver Crystal & Dark Moon Arcs) were initially released online only at the Japanese streaming site Niko Niko Douga and concurrently in the US thru, Hulu, and Neon Ally.

Many fans of the original Sailor Moon series criticized the poor quality of animation and the high number of errors in the online release. Many speculate that the errors prominent during production were in part due to the exclusive online release, which resulted in a lower budget for the show. While Sailor Moon Crystal (2014-2015) did eventually get its TV debut in Japan, it was only after the HD Blu Ray volumes were released.

Online stream animation in Sailor Moon Crystal versus the Blu-Ray release quality (bottom).

Online stream animation in Sailor Moon Crystal versus the Blu-Ray release quality (bottom).

With the news that season 3, the Infinity Arc, will get a TV broadcast, fans are hopeful this will mean a broader budget for our beloved Outer Sailor Senshi, meaning an overall higher quality of animation.

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