The Dashing Nerds E3 Predictions!

E3 is soon upon us! The largest event in video gaming is about to start this weekend, and there is no better time to give you our predictions throughout the week on what we hope to see announced this year! Check back throughout the week as we unveil more of our predictions!



EA Conference: Sunday June 12th, 4pm EST

* NHL 17 Gameplay Footage will be shown
* Dead Space 4 Announcement
* Sims 5 Announcement
* 2 New IPs

*A new Need For Speed will be announced that will use some sort of online service
*New Sims 4 expansion announced
*A new Star Wars Battlefront DLC will be shown, and feature space combat
*Mass Effect: Andromeda will get a release date and open/close EA’s show
*A UFC fighter will be EA Sports big celebrity that shows up on stage, and they will do
a special moment of silence or memorial for Ali.





BETHESDA Conference: Sunday June 12th, 10pm EST

* Elder Scrolls 6 announcement
* Fall Out 4 Expansions announced
* Elder Scrolls Card gameplay demo
* Doom Expansion announced
* Evil Within 2 announced

*Skyrim Remastered gets announced
*Release date for Elder Scrolls card game announced

*Dishonored 2 will get a new trailer that shows The Stranger




UBISOFT Conference: Monday, June 13th, 4pm EST

* New Rayman Game announced
* Assassins Creed announced
* Watch Dogs 2 announced
* Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay trailer
* Rainbow 6 Siege DLC announced

*Next Assassins Creed game teaser trailer shown for next years game
*New Rayman title
*”Lady-boner” term mentioned at least 7 times
*Watch Dogs 2 announced




MICROSOFT Conference: Monday, June 13th, 12:30pm EST

* New Banjo Kazooie revealed
* Sea of Thieves release date and new gameplay show
* Recore gameplay and release Date
* Sunset Overdrive 2 announcement
* Kameo reboot announced
* Halo Wars 2 gameplay trailer reveled
* Dead Rising 4 announced as a Xbox exclusive
* Scalebound Release Date
* Crackdown 3 gameplay trailer

*Halo Wars 2 release date announced
*Xbox One Slim shown with release date of this holiday
*Higher powered Xbox One announced for a release next year
*They will have a celebrity who pretends to know about game, come out on stage and talk about games.
*Phil Spencer will change shirts 3 times
*Re-core gets a gameplay trailer and release date
*Game series that hasn’t been around since at least the Xbox/PS2 generation gets a new title on Xbox One



playstation logo


SONY Conference: Monday, June 13th, 9pm EST

* Crash Bandicoot reboot announced
* Spyro Adventure Game (Non-Skylanders) announced
* Final Fantasy 7 Remake info discussed
* New Silent Hill announced
* Kojima Productions game revealed
* Last Guardian release date
* Shenmue update

*Knack 2 announced
*Playstation VR launch game lineup revealed
*Rockstar unveils Red Dead Redemption 2
*Some sort of timed exclusive DLC for Final Fantasy 15 announced for the PS4
*Last Guardian gets a release date
*A brand new IP will be shown as a Playstation exclusive
*Vita will not be mentioned
*Last of Us 2 announced
*New God of War announced
*Dissidia: Final Fantasy console port will be announced

*Last Guardian gets a release date and is announced to be a Playstation NEO exclusive
*Playstation Neo details and specs are shown with a release date given
*Hideo Kojima’s new game is going to be shown





Nintendo Treehouse Event:  Tuesday, June 14th, 12pm EST

*The new Zelda will have a multiplayer component to it
*Zelda will be open world in the same style as Skyrim
*A release date for Dragon Quest 7 on 3DS will be announced
*The second evolution of the Sun and Moon starters will be shown
*NX will be mentioned, but not talked about in detail

*Nintendo is still going to show NX, even though they said it wasn’t going to be at E3

*Pokemon Go release date announced along with more info on the game’s mechanics

*Skyward Sword HD Remaster for the WiiU announced
*Super Smash Brothers Melee HD Remaster for WiiU announced
*Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes for 3DS announced


*Details on next Destiny Expansion, Rise of Iron announced

Chad, Marirose, Mike:
*New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and worlds will be shown with a release date announced


Written by: Scott White

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