The Final Fantasy VII: Remake Trailer is Freaking Awesome

It was a Bahamut-sized week for Final Fantasy VII fans. If you haven’t already watched the new FFVII: Remake trailer Square Enix released over the weekend, stop what you are doing and check it out below. Be sure to watch in a fullscreen and in HD (if your internet is reliable) to get the full effect of the glory enfolding before you:

If you were as flabbergasted by the quality of the footage as we were, then you watched it about seven times. It’s clear by the fully realized HD environment that FFVII: Remake will be more than a nostalgic shot for shot retelling of the story we fans love. In an interview with Famitsu, it was revealed that the Midgar world will be even more expansive than the original version. Although we only get to see a few sections of the city in the trailer, the attention to detail on the setting, as well as the new character designs for Cloud and Barret, pull us right into the word with their realism. I could get lost in Cloud’s Mako-charged eyes.


“But I liked Cloud in purple…”

magic-summonAccording to director Nomura, FFVII: Remake will not utilize the iconic turn-based battle system of the past, but a new system unique to the game. It appears more akin to Kingdom Hearts or Dissidia’s fighting system, but in the trailer footage we can see the presence of a Limit gauge, in addition to the standard HP, MP, and command list.


Nomura clarified in his interview that the gauge will not be the same as the original game, and the action will be less action-based than Kingdom Hearts. Note that remnants of the original damage system also appear in the trailer, with damage points appearing above enemies after a successful attack .


In several interviews with the director and designers, it was also revealed that Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be released in episodes in order to give the massive world more bandwidth. What this will mean for our wallets remains a mystery, but it’s probably a good idea to start saving up if you plan to play these “episodes” as they are released. Square Enix is sure to provide us with more information and trailers soon, so stay with the Dashing Nerds for your coverage!


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