The Gorge Podcast: Chrono Trigger

Fact: Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest games of all time.

(Fight me.)

Ben and Sara head back to 1000 AD on this extended episode! Ben has played the game about 30 times, and he might break your brain talking about game lore theories with Sara. Get jiggy with space, time, and JRPG magic by hitting that play button below:

Warning: Side-effects of listening to this episode include the insatiable urge to play MORE CHRONO TRIGGER!

About The Gorge Podcast

DashingNerds are pleased to be in cahoots with The Gorge Podcast, a semi-weekly podcast where Ben and Sara spend over an hour every other week or so gorging themselves on overanalyzing a specific video game or video game related topic! Each episode will feature something they’ve either both recently played or it’ll be about an older game they’ve been playing for years.


Please note that the content therein may not be appropriate for work or children due to graphic language and the mature content of the games discussed.


Written by: Ben Danaj

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