The Gorge Podcast: Persona 5 (Part 2)

On this episode, Ben, Sara, and guest Saturn gorge themselves on Persona 5 (again)! They talk about each party member and why they’re all “good kids.”

Get ready to dive into some serious character development, but be warned—major spoilers ahead! If you missed Part One of this series, listen here.

By the way, if you are P5 crazy like Ben and Sara, after this episode be sure to check out our exclusive interview with developer Nick Greenan! Nick is the creator of the Persona 5 IM App, which mimics the style of the texting system in the Persona 5 game!


DashingNerds are pleased to be in cahoots with The Gorge Podcast, a semi-weekly podcast where our friends Ben and Sara spend over an hour every other week or so gorging themselves on overanalyzing a specific video game or video game related topic! Each episode will feature something they’ve either both recently played or it’ll be about an older game they’ve been playing for years.

We’ll be posting our favorite episodes from the Gorge Podcast right here on! Check out the latest and greatest from our collaborators Ben and Sara right here:


Written by: Ben Danaj

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