The Nerds’ Game Highlights of 2016

In a few days’ time, 2016 will be no more, and we will all struggle to not write it when we put the date. 2017 has many amazing looking games to look forward to, but for now, the individual Nerds take a look back at some of their favorite games of 2016.


Digimon Story: Cyber-Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Feature Image

Growing up, I always enjoyed the Digimon show more than Pokemon, but the games were a different story. Cyber-Sleuth was loads of fun that made me feel like a real Digidestined as I ran around with my WarGreyMon, MagnaAngemon, and MetalGarurumon. While the Digi-volution criteria for some of the better monsters were rather frustrating to accomplish, was still a blast. I’m very much looking forward to Digimon World: Next Order next year!

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Guilty Gear -Xrd- Revelator

I’m going to lay all my chips (pun intended) down right now, Guilty Gear -Xrd- Revelator is the best-looking 2D fighter out there. There were other fighting titles that were released this year, but most were remasters of already released games or incomplete games that lacked content. While it could be argued that Revelator was just a full-priced expansion title, I would argue that the additional characters, voiced cinematic story mode, and enhanced visuals beg to differ. My friends and I have played this a ton and we are always blown away by the 2D anime look that is actually 3D. This is definitely my favorite fighting game of the year.

Dishonored 2

Corvo Attono and Emily Kaldwin

I was surprised with how well done the first Dishonored was, so when we finally got Dishonored 2, I couldn’t wait to play it! I had a great time jumping back into Corvo’s mask and exploring, taking on the world. Even though I knew what to expect with the style of game and level craftsmanship, that didn’t detract from the fun I had. Plus now I had an entirely new character, with new powers, that I could play as, and with the recent patch that opened up New Game Plus that lets me mix and match powers from Emily and Corvo, looks like I will be playing through it again!

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Final Fantasy XV

2016 will be known as the shitty year that a lot of people died, the world was turned upside down, and the games that people never thought would come out, are released. Final Fantasy XV was finally released after being announced as Versus XIII 10 years ago, and what a game it turned out to be. While it has its shortcomings, the fast paced and exciting combat, the emotional connection the main cast share, the plot twists, and the boss battles left me wide-eyed and giddy. With the promise of extensive DLC content that expands the characters and adds gameplay features, I don’t see my time with Final Fantasy XV ending anytime soon.

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Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse


Seeing “WEAK!” after hitting an enemy leaves me smiling every time!

The folks at Atlus must have access to some pretty dark magic to be able to fit such a huge breadth of content onto a 3DS cart. SMT4:A is a side story/ parallel-world branch from the original SMT4 game, that retains and refines the features of that game. I loved the complexity of the characters and the story in this title, but with the refinements made, this is a great title for newcomers to the series (even though they should still play Shin Megami Tensei 4 first for story reasons). It is a punishing game that rewards tactics and planning and penalizes rushing in. If you feel that Pokemon is getting to “kiddy” for you, give this a shot, with its monster fusion and summoning goodness!

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Dark Souls 3

I’ve been a fan of the Souls series since I imported Demons Souls when I thought it wasn’t going to get localized.  Dark Souls 3 ends the trilogy told throughout Dark Souls 1 and 2, and what a send off it was!  Returning to more of the style and gameplay of the first Dark Souls, DS3 featured faster paced gameplay but also still rewarded being more defensive than Bloodborne.  The world was beautiful, the enemies challenging, and the bosses infuriating (until you beat them, and then you feel amazing that you conqured the mighty foe!)  Dark Soul 3 was a fantastic send off to the series, and definitely a must play!

Honorable Mentions:

Bravely Second, Fire Emblem Fates, Watch_dogs 2, Overwatch

Games I have not gotten around to playing (so that is why they aren’t on the list), or haven’t played enough of:

Last Guardian, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, World of Final Fantasy, Uncharted 4

Big Brother

The Count Lucanor

Since I’m a father of young children, my life is almost completely devoid of both time and money – so keeping up with the latest games is mostly a thing of the past for me. Even so, I was able to somehow squeeze in a playthrough of The Count Lucanor, and it absolutely blew me away. Combining innocent, retro-anime aesthetics with a dark and deeply horrific atmosphere, this game completely took me by surprise and was the best new title I played in 2016. Years from now, people are going to look back on this hidden gem as an exemplar of minimalist design.

The Count Lucanor was featured in my Top 10 Horror Video Games list – check it out now!


Written by: Dashing Nerds

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