The Ramblings of a Guardian: Destiny 2 Reveal Recap

Below are my ramblings, a quick recap of what I gathered and some reactions to the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, enjoy!

Intro Cinematic

Very pretty but seems like it is from Before Destiny 1. From what I gather, the Tower should be destroyed. All in All the visuals are always beautiful in cinematics and with better engines will only get better.

Tag Line

“A world I want to be in” is the new slogan.

Homecoming, First Mission Overview

This is where it happens. The Tower is destroyed by some mysterious ships as they make their way to the traveler. Then we jump into some gameplay. The interface looks very similar to the original but a lot “cleaner” This must also be the first story mission. Enemy health bars return but the addition of the enemy name is a nice touch. It will make it easier to call out targets in battle.

We finally get to see what is on the other side of the wall in the tower and it is a lot bigger than I imagined! However shortly after we are whisked away into another cinematic of a space battle complete with force fields. The ship drops us off right back into gameplay on the foes mothership. Named enemies seem a little tougher and have longer orange or segmented yellow health bars signifying a larger health pool. Making your way into the end of the mission we hear “Your journey ends here” and it fades to black. All in all, it seems a lot like the first game but a little more streamlined and better graphics.

All your things are gone. Your vault, character, items, everything is gone. But you knew that.

Dominus Gaul Is your main foe. He believes the Traveler betrayed him by giving the power to the guardians. He takes control of the Traveler and takes away the light of all the Guardians. This means you have no powers and cannot go back to the Tower. You have to regain your powers and save the day, making you the hero now more than ever. What’s nice is it seems that Bungie is focused on the story now more than ever.

There is a new weapon plan that allows you to carry more of different types of weapons. New supers including Dawn blade for warlocks that allows you hover in the air throwing blades of fire at enemies, a shield for titans that you can throw off of enemies or guard yourself, and a staff for hunters to beat people silly with.

Returning Things:

• Campaign (longer, better, prettier)
• Strikes (new strike, Inverted Spire. Vex stronghold)
• Crucible (now 4v4 across all game modes with all new HUD, maps, and modes like countdown)
• Raids

New Places and Things to Do

Holy Hell I don’t have to go to orbit to switch activities! No way! Planet to planet travel without your ship is a new thing and it is glorious. This should also mean less time between activities and less room to break immersion. There are still public events and patrols but there are now new objectives, adventures, treasure maps, and lost zones to discover. It seems more like an open adventure game with side quests instead of an endless grind for loot and xp. Lost sectors seem the most intriguing, you find undiscovered places, defeat a boss, and get a key for new loot.

The map has gotten an overhaul that will MARK ACTIVITIES! Four brand new worlds Nessus, Io, Titan, and Earth have all been added and are ready to explore and look gorgeous. Each moon or world has their own feel and looks that make them unique in their own way.

A Way to Connect

Clans are a much asked for feature and now they are here! Schedule raids, complete objectives, clear strikes, and create your own identity in the world of destiny 2. There will also be a reward system that will be shared by your entire clan. There is also a feature called Guided Games where solo players can pick a clan that they would like to be paired with so they can try end game content and maybe find a clan to join. Clans can also team with other clans to fill spots for raids when others are unavailable. This is the kind of unity that the first Destiny lacked and it seems like Bungie has now gone all in on this part of the game. Battlenet will also host destiny for PC which is a huge win for Blizzard.

Final Thoughts

The gameplay looks a little very familiar but slightly cleaner. The in-game visuals have more contrast but do not seem like a giant upgrade. I am ecstatic about the clan features and new worlds but I will hold back a little bit since high expectations can turn into despair on launch day. Destiny 2 seems like it may be more of destiny one with better ease of use features and an expanded map and quest system. Here is hoping that the story is better and the game is expanded so this guardian doesn’t spend a thousand hours grinding for loot. Look for the Destiny 2 beta this summer and the full release on September 8th, 2017.


Written by: Greg

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