The Ups and Downs of Orisa, Overwatch’s Newest Hero

Orisa, Blizzard’s new “anchor tank” in Overwatch, has been out publically for 11 days. There’s no better time to give her a little overview, detailing how she has shaken down in actual play!

I’ve played as Orisa in about 30 matches. I can confidently that she is a strong asset to any team, but team is a strong word. She has quite a few positives but those perks only work if others want to work with you.

Orisa was described as an anchor tank– a character that your teammates can work around, has high survivability, some form of crowd control, and can help others stay alive. She is absolutely able to do all of these things.

Orisa has a shield that she can throw at quite a distance, where it sticks to the ground and projects upward allowing for 900 points of blocked damage before breaking. There is a ball you can fire into a space that will pull in out-of-sight enemies at a short distance so they are easier to target. She also has a move called Fortify that will make you unmoveable and reduce the amount of damage dealt to you for a short period of time. Her ultimate places a destructible drum on the ground that damage boosts any teammates within its line of sight. Her clip is 150 shots and is very powerful, about 3/4 the damage of Bastion’s turret mode. Sounds like the perfect package right? Mostly.

Orisa Picture

Who doesn’t love centaurs!?

Orisa’s survivability depends on one very key piece: your team. See, Orisa is very slow, so she can’t run away and has no way to heal herself. This makes you a big target and without backup or a healer you will die, a lot, very quickly. Reaper can take out Orisa in about 4 shots if you are not being healed. I have also been taken out by many Junkrats and Soldier 76s. This can easily be remedied by having friends that play the game. If you can communicate, you can easily keep Orisa alive. Herein lies the problem–a lot of people play alone.

I find that in Quickplay or Arcade, when playing by myself, your “teammates” don’t even realize you are there. They are more worried about killing everything than keeping alive the one person that can help them kill everything. Overwatch is a team-based shooter and if you don’t have a team that is willing to group up and play to their character, you are pretty much doomed to fail. This is the downfall of Orisa. Anchor tanks like Reinhart are mobile enough to get out of an overwhelming situation if he has no backup. Most tanks have an “Oh Cral” Button, for lack of a better term. Fortify can only go so far, affording you maybe an extra 3 hits.

In a team of friends, each playing a key role and protecting each other, Orisa is an absolute beast that can turn the tide. In a match of randos, Orisa is just another target waiting to be taken out. A slow, nearly defenseless, Centaur-like target. Give her a try and let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Discord HERE and always remember, GET ON THE DAMN PAYLOAD!



Written by: Greg

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