Top 10 Anime Romances

We are going to take a look at the top 10 romances in anime. I myself enjoy a good romantic anime every now and again – they usually have a great story, with two people that were meant for one another. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

#10. Yukiteru Amano & Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)


When you think of love, a barbaric and dangerous life or death game doesn’t come to mind at first, but in Future Diary that is what you get. Noticing that Yuno has been stalking him for quite some time now, Yuki finds out that he and Yuno are both what is know as Diary Users, so they decide to team up to survive. Although Yuki only fakes affection for Yuno to trick her into protecting him, he soon becomes too afraid after witnessing her psychopathic obsession with their “Happy End”. Throughout the series Yuno’s affection becomes more serious towards Yuki, until the final day of the game comes to a head. The two go through terrible trials for one another in all of the alternate timelines, including a faked double suicide and a cruel trick that sends Yuno back in time to kill herself (to try and get the “Happy End” she wants). After many different timelines, an alternate world Yuki and an alternate world Yuno meet up in a new universe with shared memories to live happily ever after. I mean, nothing says love like trying and trying again to get the happiest ending you can get with a loved one.

#9. Vegeta and Bulma (Dragon Ball Series)


Seriously, if Vegeta looked in a personality mirror he would see Bulma – hot-headed and prideful describe this couple’s relationship to a T. We first find out about this couple when Future Trunks tells Goku that in the future his parents hook up in the heat of passion and later he will be born. It is shown throughout the series how close this couple gets, regardless of how many time they bicker and argue. Whether Vegeta is training with intense gravity or battling some of the strongest opponents the Earth has seen, Bulma constantly worries for him, showing love and compassion for her husband. The most popular spot: In the film Battle of Gods, Vegeta shows his compassion for Bulma when, after Beerus slaps her down, he screams “MY BULMA” to the delight of many DBZ fans. With an emotional surge in power, he is able to get a few hits on Beerus – something that even Goku couldn’t do. Throughout the series, you can see the love they have built together and the family they have raised together – a relationship that will last their lives.

#8. Kyōsuke Kasuga & Madoka Ayukawa (Kimagure Orange Road)


While Ayukawa and Kasuga are secretly in love with each other, Ayukawa’s friend Hikaru accidentally sees Kasuga using his telekinetic power (referred to as “The Power”) to make a big basketball shot. After seeing this, she falls very hard for him and never leaves him alone, claiming to be his girlfriend. This starts to upset Ayukawa, who starts to show a little bit of jealousy. As he only thinks of Hikaru as a little sister and can’t break it to her that he is in love with her best friend, he drags his feet and begins to see both girls – much to Ayukawa’s dismay. As the movie wraps up the series, you see Kasuga finally break it off with Hikaru in a very heart-wrenching display of emotion – as Hikaru begs for his affection, he gives her the cold shoulder so he can finally be with the girl he loves.

#7. Howl & Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)


A young hatter named Sophie, who feels as though she is not as pretty as her sisters, meets up with a famous wizard named Howl in a chance encounter. Not having any idea who he is running from, she finds her way back home – only to meet a jealous wizard named The Witch of the Waste, who turns Sophie into a 90 year-old woman with a curse that she can’t tell anyone about. Looking for a way to break the curse, Sophie finds her way to Howl’s moving castle where she tells Howl that his fire demon Calcifer has hired her as a cleaning lady. Since Calcifer is sick (due to ingesting a peeping bug) and the castle is falling apart, Sophie falls into a chasm that takes her back to a scene in the past. It shows Calcifer as a falling star that Howl has given his heart to. Finding Howl in his bird form, Sophie takes him back to Calcifer. As she places his heart back into his chest, the curse is lifted, Calcifer is set free, and Howl and Sophie embrace.

#6. Himura Kenshin & Kamiya Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)


Being known as both the most ruthless swordsman of the Battosai and a loving husband and father is quite a feat, actually. This relationship slowly builds through the series, and these two are often there for each other with positive vibes during some of their toughest times. So many villains who know the Battosai is in the area try to draw out Kenshin’s former killer instinct, only for Kaouru to be there to talk him down; his feelings for her are stronger than the feelings to kill. Kenshin fears that if he were to return to wandering he’d be leaving her alone again, and because of Kenshin’s caring nature this would hurt him and Kaouru as well. When times turn dark for the couple in Samurai X, Kaouru promises to wait for his return – and when he does return, they meet with a smile, even if it is for a brief moment.

#5. Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)


What happens when your girlfriend decides to kill you before she dies? Well, you date her reincarnation of course! I mean, that’s what anyone would do. Not a super strong relationship at the beginning – annoying to each other is more like it – both characters are very stubborn and full of pride, and can never admit when they need help. Kagome is a big part of the team when fighting against Naraku and collecting the Shikon jewel shards, as she is constantly traveling back and forth between modern Japan and Feudal Japan. Through many battles and saving each other, Kagome and Inuyasha start to become closer, and Inuyasha can finally put his feelings for his last girlfriend to rest.

#4. Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon Series)

sailor moon crystal 1

Well Moonies, you know this had to make the list – a love that has transcended time AND space, like literally! Two forbidden lovers in a past life, with a love so strong they found one another in the next life, they aren’t too friendly towards one another during their first chance meeting. Usagi and Mamoru live their normal lives by day and as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask by night, and Sailor Moon falls in love with Tuxedo Mask without knowing who he really is. As the series plays through and identities are discovered, memories of their past lives start to pour in. They fall in love all over again through many trials, meet their child from the future, and save the world while standing by each other. Through all the battles and after all of the tears, a full six years after the last fight, they are finally able to be married.

#3. Tomoya Okazaki & Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad Series)


It’s been a tough life for Okazaki as his mother has passed, his dad has turned to alcohol, and he is considered a delinquent at school with only one friend. Then one day he meets Nagisa, a quiet and shy girl who is repeating a year at school due to illness. Finding himself helping her reform the drama club with their other friends, he begins to grow closer to Nagisa, and though other classmates grow close to Okazaki, his choice is clearly made. Both characters begin to step out of their comfort zone to bring out to bring each other closer to their own happiness. Many hurdles stand in their way, but after school they still decide to get married and start a family. This is a wonderful love story that really shows a couple that builds each other up in such a loving way, through heartache and happiness.

#2. Takeo Gōda & Rinko Yamato (My Love Story!!)


Where was this anime when I was in high school and feeling really awkward about myself? Honestly, this is such a sweet, loving anime. It follows Takeo, a high school student who is a giant compared to his classmates. After he saves Rinko from a perverted molester on a train, she instantly falls in love with him, admiring him for his characteristics and not paying mind to his size or facial appearance. As some of us can understand, he is quite sure Rinko is in love with his friend Makoto Sunakawa (who is very popular with women), so he decides to try and hook them up. Once Takeo finds that Rinko is truly in love with him, their love blossoms. Watching them become nervous holding hands for the first time and their first kiss can remind anyone of their first love. This is one romance I will highly recommend – it’s not only a great romance, but a great comedy as well.

#1. Yusaku Godai & Kyoko Otonashi (Maison Ikkoku)


This is number 2 on my personal top 5 list of anime since I am a big fan of Rumiko Takahashi. For me, this a serious story that adults can relate to as well. As a student trying but failing to pass his college entrance exam, Godai lives at Maison Ikkoku with his less than stellar apartment mates. After being harassed for the “last time”, he decides to leave. Enter Kyoko Otonashi, a recent widow taking on the apartment manager job. You can see two people getting to know one another while falling in love, only to deal with problems that occur in real life – arguments, misunderstandings, and rival love. As she cheers him on to get into his college and get a job, he does his best to help her get over the death of her husband. At the very end, the red string of fate finally brings the two together as they can finally say their true feelings and share their lives together. This is yet another series I will highly recommend to anyone who is into romantic comedies!

Guys, that wraps up my list of Top 10 Romances in anime and I hope you enjoyed reading this. If your favorite series didn’t make this list, let us know in the comment section; I wouldn’t mind watching a newly suggested romance series.

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Written by: Corey Wait

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