Top 10 Bromances in Anime

Hey anime nerds and otaku alike! Just after Valentine’s Day, we will be taking a look at a list of another kind of love: bromances. Though not a super common troupe in anime, occasionally a pair will come along that perfectly personifies the love only bros know best. Let’s get started!

#10. Yusuke Urameshi & Kazuma Kuwabara – Yu Yu Hakusho


Starting out as rival thugs, these two quickly become friends after Urameshi dies in an accident trying to save a child. After Urameshi’s funeral, Kuwabara finds that he too has spirit powers which allows him to get to know Yusuke the friendly ghost. While fighting in Genkai’s tournament, Kuwabara sacrifices himself to save Yusuke. Later, in the Dark Tournament’s final fight, Kuwabara fakes his own death in order to draw out Yusuke’s full power. Only after seeing his friend beaten to death does Yusuke slice his way into the demon world to unlock his final form. Yusuke and Kuwabara will go down as bold friends that spurn each other on towards success and becoming better men.


#9. Son Goku & Krillin – Dragon Ball Series

Dragon Balls

As students of Master Roshi’s training school, Goku and Krillin are first seen competing with one another (though sometimes Krillin can take the underhanded approach). It didn’t take long for these rivals to become fast friends. Later in Dragon Ball, they can be seen cheering for each other and encouraging one another during the tournament. Theirs is a love that transcends death. Killin dies…a lot. In Dragon Ball Z, it is his death that pushes Goku past his breaking point and leads to the very iconic scene of Goku going Super Saiyan. Throughout the (very long) series, Krillin’s and Goku’s friendship is always on display. Whether it’s telling jokes, training with each other, or sacrificing themselves to buy a little more time, you cannot deny the a solid bromance that stands throughout the entire series.


#8. Tomoya Okazaki & Youhei Sunohara– Clannad

Clannad bromance

Starting the story out as senior delinquents, these two clowns become friends after meeting in the principal’s office following two separate unrelated fights the two had gotten into. Usually seen chilling in Sunohara’s dorm room, these bros discuss everything from plans to get Nagisa’s drama club started back up to ways Sunohara can beat up his scary female rival, Tomoyo. They spend so much time together that when Sunohara’s sister comes to visit, she assumes that the two are lovers rather than close friends…which leads to quite amusing cutscene. Once graduated, Sunohara and Okazaki remain friends, even when death and depression have touched both of their lives.


#7. Tuxedo Mask & Fiore – Sailor Moon R The Movie

Sailor Moon: The Promise of the Rose

A promise made as children sparks a bromance so good it got its own movie. In the Sailor Moon R movie (The Promise of the Rose), we are introduced to Fiore, Mamoru’s space alien friend from his time spent in the hospital after his parents’ deadly car accident. In a flashback, Mamoru gives Fiore a rose as a going away present. Fiore is so touched that he promises to one day return with a flower of equal beauty for him. When Fiore returns, he is instantly jealous of Mamoru’s relationship with Usagi. Under the influence of the evil Kisenian Blossom, Fiore behaves like a jealous ex, attacking the sailor senshi and then stealing Mamoru away to his secret floral hideout in space. Because if he can’t have him, no one can! Battle ensues. Mamoru, Fiore, and Usagi have some deeply tender moments. When Fiore breaks free from the influence Kisenian Blossom that was controlling him, he sacrifices his life to save Mamoru’s true love, Sailor Moon. Could there be a more touching bromance?

#6.  Maeno & Hiromi Izawa – Ping Pong Club***

Maneo Ping Pong Club

Maeno and Izawa are the two perverted oddballs of the Inaho Jr High’s Ping Pong Club. These distracted players practice by pranking their teammates and scheming to get dates. Whether it’s role playing as Lupin III & Fujiko Mine, or pretending to be a married couple, these guys spend more time in drag than they do actually playing ping pong. Later in the series, in one of my favorite scenes, they drive an RC panda while dressed in matching dog outfits as they chase their friends down on a secret date. These bros are inseparable. The only thing they love more than the ladies is each other.


#5. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin – Ouran High School Host Club.

Hikaru and Kaoru

Speaking of inseparable, the Hitachiin brothers from Ouran High School Host Club are hard to beat. When it comes to it, the twins are pretty much the definition of the word. Before joining the Host Club, Kaoru and Hikaru trusted only each other, seeking no other friendships. As a dynamic duo, the two go on to become quite popular as hosts in the club, entertaining ladies with their secret weapon, the “forbidden brotherly love” move. Later in the series, this bromance becomes a love triangle as they both confess they have a crush on female lead Haruhi.  Even so, Kaoru backs off, putting his brother’s feelings for Haruhi before his own.


#4. Montblanc Noland & Calgara- One Piece

One Piece

During the Skypia arc, when Noland’s name is spoken in One Piece, it is of the legend of a liar. Later on you hear the story of a bromance so epic it spans generations! As Calgara’s daughter is about to be sacrificed, a washed ashore Noland and his crew show up to stop it, promising to save the village from the disease killing their people. A misunderstanding causes the natives to hate Noland and his crew and they leave the island in shame. Calgara learns the truth a little too late and as Noland and his crew embark, Calgara runs towards to shore, tears in his eyes, thanking his friend and promising to await his return. Due to unforeseen events, no return is ever made and Calgara’s decedents try to carry out his wishes for Noland’s return one day. This is not a main cast bromance, but it’s one that hits me in the feels.


#3. Hercule Satan & Majin Buu – Dragon Ball Z

satan buu dragon ball z

When its Majin Buu’s turn to terrorize the DBZ universe, there’s only one man that can take care of business! After “saving” the world from Cell, the world looks to Hercule to save the day. Hercule manages to befriend Buu and their relationship really changes Buu on a molecular level, as all other forms of Buu do not attempt to harm him. During their relationship, they are often seen cooking together, bathing together, and playing together. Hercule talks Majin Buu into lying down so he can take a staged photo of him “slaying” Majin Buu, but feels terrible about it. They stay together through out the series and kind of turn into an old married couple with their dog B.


#2. Shinji Ikari & Kaworu Nagisa – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shin Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Though only seen in two episodes of the TV series and two of the Rebuild of Evangelion films, Kaworu makes a huge impact. This bromance fleeting, but strong, as he is Shinji’s only male friend in the series. He seems to be the only one who understands Shinji and sympathizes with all of the problems he has had so far. In the film, Kaworu teaches Shinji to play the piano. They spend their time star gazing, listening to music, bathing, and having a sleepover. Romantic, right? It’s hard to fully describe their relationship with out going into major spoilers, but believe me when I say there is plenty of angst and tears.


#1. Guts and Griffith- Berserk

Beserk Guts and Giffith

After besting Guts in a battle, Griffith coerces him to join the Band of the Hawk. Guts quickly becoming not just an expendable soldier, but a true comrade and friend to the unbelievably strong Griffith. Throughout the beginning of series, Guts is Griffith’s most trusted man. Guts, who lived only for fighting, comes to believe that there is more to life than just that because of Griffith. As these two show each other respect and confidence, it makes everyone else in The Band of the Hawk slightly envious. Casca, a female rival for Griffith’s attention, has a problem accepting Guts into the group. Realizing they need to go their separate ways, Guts earns his freedom from the group in a duel with Griffith, but this destroys his morale. He literally walks through hell to rescue Griffith as their bromance reaches its pinnacle.


That’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed my list.  Got any suggestions to add? Let Dashing Nerds  know in the comments below, and keep an eye out for more top 10 lists.



**Ping Pong Club is totes not suggested for minors.

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Written by: Corey Wait

Anime Lover, Video Game Connoisseur, All Around Otaku.

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