Toreba and Why Japan is Still Amazing

I will be the first to admit that I am a social media addict, and with the heavy usage comes a lot of exposure to advertising. Seldom do I click on anything for fear of the ever so popular clickbait or clone app (see picture of a man, ready for war, screaming), but recently something broke my steely resolve, and it is absolutely amazing.

Toreba Game Icon


Toreba is a crane game app, and before you jump in screaming “BLAH BLAH I HAVE SEEN THESE BLAH BLAH!”, hold your horses. Toreba is a crane game… where you control a real crane game in Japan. You get a live cam feed of a UFO Crane machine somewhere in Japan, and if you win, they will ship your prize right to your doorstep.

They reel you in with 3 free plays and of course you can then pay for more credits. Prizes range from anime action figures, Pokemon pillows, cat-shaped pancake pans, and everything in between. You just scroll through the prize list, select the machine you would like to play, and test your skills. I have been keeping an eye on the app over the last week or so and a lot of the machines are in use most of the day.

Nothing beats free shipping, nothing

Nothing Beats Free Shipping. Nothing.

I know it shouldn’t surprise me, as arcades are still super huge in Japan, and I’m really bummed that I wasn’t born at the height of America’s arcade craze. What shocks me is that no one thought of an idea like this sooner. If you would like to get your piece of the action, you can download Toreba in the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store on the iPhone.


Written by: Greg

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