Yo-Kai Watch to Debut Just in Time for the Holidays

Nintendo is set to take the craze that absolutely encapsulated Japan and unleash it stateside. Yo-Kai Watch will debut on the Nintendo 3DS on November 6th, just in time to add it to the Holiday list.

yokai watch

Yo-Kai Watch is about a boy named Nate Adams who is given a watch by a spirit (Yo-Kai) to hunt down mischievous Yo-Kai that are haunting people and causing trouble. This may sound like a horror title, but the game has been frequently compared to the Pokemon series because of its cartoon style, creature capture, team assembly, and battle system. The battling, however, takes place using small mini games that vary based on the Yo-Kai on your team.

Along with the game, Nintendo plans to release a toy line including figures and the actual watch that Nate uses to hunt the spirits. The toys were sold out forever at most Japanese locations, where fans stood in line for hours just for a chance to purchase a watch. When you see these toys come to the US, pick them up! It’s safe to say many children will be adding them to their Christmas list.




Written by: Greg

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  1. Sadie December 22, 2015 | Reply

    What are those supposed Yo Kai on the cover?? Where is that image from?

    • mm
      Greg January 26, 2016 | Reply

      That’s what I didn’t know, I believe they are from the second game, they were stock assets

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